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Little Sister

I logged on to Facebook and mentally added the status update I would've posted if I didn't think most of Whitlam High would see it:
Al Miller wishes she was an only child.

Al Miller is counting down the days until her overachieving older sister Larrie finishes Year Twelve and leaves Whitlam High School for ever. Then, Al is certain, people will finally see her as more than just 'Larrie’s little sister'.

But when a rumour about Larrie spreads around school, Al finds herself in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

Who’s behind the rumour? And will it kill Al’s chances with #2 School Hunk, Josh Turner?

Published by Walker Books Australia in May 2011.

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Finding Freia Lockhart: How not to be a successful teen

When Freia's best friend starts hanging out with Westside's popular group of Bs, Freia knows if she wants to keep the friendship, she's going to have to fit in. But how much fake tan, lip gloss and boy talk can Freia stand? Especially now that she's been roped into the school musical...

Finding Freia Lockhart, my first novel for young adults, was published in Australia and New Zealand in February 2010 by Walker Books Australia

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