Why you need a professional editor and proofreader

You or another expert in your organisation may be best placed to write about your product or services, but factually correct doesn't always mean effective.

A professional editor can improve your written materials by making sure they:
- are well structured
- use language that makes sense to your audience, whether they're experts or new to the topic
- are presented appropriately
- use consistent style, spelling and tone.

Sloppy grammar, misused (or just plain missing) punctuation and spelling mistakes degrade your written communication, and your credibility. Having your written materials proofread ensures that they are consistent and correct before they reach your audience (or have to be reprinted!).

How I can help

I can help you by:
- editing and/or proofreading your online content, hard copy publications, presentations, reports or newsletters
- developing a styleguide based on your organisation's standards that can be used to ensure consistency across your written materials.

Contact me about how I can improve the quality of your written materials.