Why your website needs a content strategy

Too often, we put all of our energy into creating a great-looking, easy-to-use website without thinking about:
- whether the content exists to support the site's information architecture
- how content will be reviewed/maintained/updated
- what processes need to be put in place to support content authors and content owners
- how content will develop over time to meet new needs/markets.

A content strategy brings all of these elements together, either as part of a website development (or redevelopment), or as a standalone project.

How I can help you

I'll work with you to develop a content strategy in line with your organisation's goals. I will look at your existing content and content management processes, to see how these can be improved, or we can start from scratch to create a tailormade strategy from the ground up.

Contact me to talk about your content strategy needs and how I can help you.